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    Since 2014 Andy Green Design is a reliable choice when it comes to either digital design or print design. Founded after the disappearance of Absolution Designs (a small community of designers), A.G.D aims to take the former community’s goals even higher, thus initiating partnerships with businesses from all around the world. AGD’s main goal is to send a powerful message using nothing but powerful design solutions and the best customer care available. I’ve got no such thing as ‘noreply’ adresses or support emails based on checklists that, let’s face it, do not even solve most of the problems encountered by the average user. Here you’ll always be in touch with a human to take care of your design needs and to assist you when you need it!

    On a more personal note, Andy Green is a guy with a couple of laptops and a PC that likes to see good looking stuff, so he decided to create good looking stuff himself. Not quite a profound story, but a true one. He’s also handsome. But I’ll let you decide either this side of the story is true or not!