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    Already bored of Candy Planet ? No problem, chief, here’s another one, for y’all cats and cat lovers alike. Just like the previous one, you cand get your hands on some awesome wallpapers for your desktop, phone and some a cover for your Facebook profile. Pimp ’em all with this cat-tastic design. Good thing I’m a designer and not a pun maker. Click on the button below and download them all directly. No ads or paw-pups (damn, I need to stop it).  
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    AMC Fest

    Workshops, speakers, glitter and a great time with friends. I really hope there are going to be more events like this. If you run or plan on running an event like this, please contact me at and we can sort things out! It’s on the house!  
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    Freshman Ball

    Ever dreamed about having the perfect ball ? Apart from your awesome organizational skills, you’ll surely need a top of the line design, so why make compromises ? Just opt for the best option on the market. Simple, huh ? And if that option is not available, you can call Andy Green Design (pun intended, obviously). Find the number up there and fear not giving me a call! I got a damn sexy voice.
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    Angels of Mistery

    Fancy name, eh ? It’s actually a novel writing contest. Great causes deserve great designs, so why not enjoy some eye candy from AGD ? Prove that your cause will blow our minds and get each and every graphic element that you need for exactly $o,oo. That roughly translates to €0,00 for my brothers that I share the continent with. Funny and professional. Y’all can’t ask more from a designer, can you ?
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    Design workshop

    An old poster from when I took part in a graphic design workshop. Maybe there will be more to come, because I had a ton of fun as a design teacher and I’m willing to teach agin! So, if you need an awesome teacher, you now definitely know who you can count on. But untill then, delight your eyes with this great design right here. As simple as it gets, but effective. Right …? right!
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    Sadly, there will be no paintball war, but if you plan to organize one, I’ll more than gladly supply the necessary graphic materials completely free of charge (as long as I’m invited). Top quality as always. Many techniques packed inside a singe A3 sheet. Pretty neat. Don’t you think ?    
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