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    I’m Awesome

    Sorry folks, no family-friendly version for this one, y’all just better avoid your parents/younger siblings when wearing or saying it. But you can totally show off to your friends so all of them know you’re part of a masterrace. Be awesome! Recipe for awesomeness ? Sure, here you go, write it down so you’ll remember : Wear this. And that’s it! You better start acting like you own the planet, cuz now you do!    
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    Show me the money

    Long time no see, especially with a s**t ton of exams coming. Good thing is, y’all can enjoy a fresh T-shirt design. Persuade your employer to fulfill your monthly remuneration needs in style with this awesome safe-for-work uniform. I used to think that the hand is such an imprecise tool and always did my designs as close to perfect proportions as possible by working with guides and exact measurements. Hand drawn ? Indeed, this is a hand made design, assisted lightly by Adobe Illustrator, because my beat-meat hand motion left its mark on the way I draw things in general! To cut things to the chase,  needed to try something new, tried something new, went awesome (oh, modesty).
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    Oh my God Becky for men

    Ladies, need an excuse to kick him for what he has done to you because of the previous T-shirt ? Get him this T-shirt and you won’t be needing anything else, no special lines, nothing! The message written on it marks exactly the spot for the kick and provides a working excuse for any kind of aftermath. I know, I know. You’re welcome!  
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    Oh my God Becky

    This, of course, has to be printed on the back of the shirt (unless something really strange happened). Andy’s saving your lives again, guys. Write down the following excuses and don’t forget to use them accordingly : “I was just trying to read the message, you can carry on with your business!” “My sister’s name is Becky, can I take a picture so I can show her this ?” “WOW! That’s an awesome … message!” “Hey there, my name’s Becky!” *Best of luck in scouting, just don’t stare too much!
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    T-shirt packages

    Get yourself a neat T-shirt design from Andy Green. You can opt for a simple, clean design or a more complex, double-sided-awesome-filled-action-packed T-shirt. It’s so awesome I needed to pack all the dashes for the rest of the post in there. Quick tip : you’ll get the best deals if you order through Fiverr, as I often have special extras to deliver alongside those grrreat designs, free of charge ( the extras, of course. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for the designs, but they’ll also pay off later on, believe me!) Need them for your brand ? Need them to sell them later as merch ? Need them to show off to your friends or to impress girls ? I won’t ask you any questions about it, you just tell me what to put in there and you’ll have your file in no time, ready to be printed on that awesome T-shirt you chose! *Please note that no actual T-shirts are included, as I only deliver the artwork.   
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