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    High five!


    Can you believe we actually did it ? 5 WHOLE YEARS! 

    5 Years of top quality and on-time delivery to people all around the Globe. During those five awesome years I’ve clocked in around 6.000 hours ( yes, that’s roughly 3hrs / day for 5 years straight and I work Sundays ) designing, learning and preparing for all the projects that you guys have and will continue to throw at me. So far you’ve thrown close to 1000 projects my way and I am truly happy that I could deliver top quality products in all of them!

    I want to thank you for making all of this possible and wish you the best in your projects ! If you need that extra creativity boost, you more than certain have my number already saved in your phone and at least a coupe delivered emails from me in your inbox. If you don’t, just hit this not-so-fancy-warp-button to my homepage and look up there in the upper left corner.

    Oh, about the goodies

    Stay tuned for some fresh t-shirt designs to help persuade the good weather to roll on!