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    Skills & experience

    Below is a graphic overview of my skill in certain software along with a flash description of what the numbers actually mean. As long as the software is listed below, you can trust me to do a great job using it. And I guarantee you will be very satisfied with the result. Or else you'll get a full refund and still have the all the rights to keep and use the product!

    • 97%
      I can cope with most tasks in a short time with maximum confidence and I know almost everything there is to know.
    • 75%
      I can cope with a large variety of tasks with relative ease, fast and efficient and I know a couple of useful tricks.
    • 75%
      Premiere Pro
      I can edit most type of videos and I know special stabilization, filter application and image enhancing tecnhiques.
    • 67%
      I can create a website from host purchase to final touch based on themes and I can solve some common problems.



    It's where I spend most of my time. Working with amazing clients, getting feedback and improving by the day. I also accept custom orders and I'm happy to offer free extras. It has motivated me to improve and do good things for a full year now, and I plan to take it much, much further!

    Romania's National Students' Council

    I have worked for them for about two years. It's when I took my hobby to the next level and got a lot more exposure than before. I still get calls from time to time to take care of something that needs to be done quickly. It's always wise to call a vet, isn't it ?

    Mireasa Group

    High end events need high end design and I'm here to provide exactly that. It's a great opportunity to analyze my reach and impact through the graphic work that I do for them. The exposure is amazing.


    International Community of the Young is an association that's meant to help young people get in control of their lives and helps them at every corner, from choosing  a future career to pursuing a better lifestyle. 

    Other divisions

    Logo design

    Top quality logos, manually tailored to fit the client's needs. If you need something well made, you need it to work and you need it now, look no further than Andy Green Design.

    Flyer design

    Promote your business in style with some amazing flyers or posters. Custom made designs that will make every printer on the planet happy. No need to ask yourself "Will it look good on paper?".

    Banner design

    I can take care of both web banners and physical banners of any size. Slightly different recipe, the same awesome outcome!

    Stationery design

    Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stamps, pencils, pens, cd/dvd covers, you name it, I design it!

    T-shirt design

    Dope T-shirt designs to match your awesome style! There's a slight chance they will also grant superpowers.